Tests for students with High School Degree score lower than 70/100 (or 42/60)

Tests for students with High School Degree score lower than 70/100 (or 42/60)

First year students enrolled in a university course, who have obtained the High School Degree with a score lower than 70/100 (or 42/60), will undergo a preliminary evaluation, concerning the ability to understand and interpret texts, together with elementary knowledge of the Italian language. This entry test is not selective, but it is mandatory. No ranking will be provided. The test will be assesed as either "passed" or "failed".


The test consists of: (a.) Reading and comprehension of a text in Italian, (b.) Writing a short summary (c.) Answer to questions (open and multiple-choice) concerning the text itself.


The student, who writes an incorrect summary (incorrect content or formally wrong) or who doesn’t answer at least half of the questions, will fail the test. For each academic year, the test will be offered in two occasions (in September and October).

The student who fails the test on the first date has to sit for the test on the second date.


The student who didn’t sit for the test or who failed the test is not admitted, although regularly enrolled, to take university exams. In January, during the days planned for the exams of Principles of Roman law, Institutions of Private Law or Constitutional Law, the student has to sit  for another test, similar to that offered in September and October. The test will be assigned during the round of examinations in the presence of the Professors of the above indicated classes. Once passed the test, the registration of the positive result will allow the regular admission to the exams of the first year. Passing the test doesn’t involve the acquisition of credits.