Course board


The Degree Programs are governed by a Degree Program Board.

This Board is made up of professors of the courses related to the degree programs and of researchers who provide a support to the teaching activities, as well as a representation of students equal to 20% of the other members. The tasks of the Degree Program Board are governed by the University Educational Regulations (Regolamento didattico di Ateneo).

Each Degree Program Board elects a President who presides over the Board, convenes it and supervises the activities of the Degree Programs.

The organizational structure of the Degree Programs:

  • President of the Degree Program Board is Prof. Cristina Coppola
  • Quality Assurance manager: Prof. Massimo Montanari:
  • Review Group: Prof. Cristina Coppola, Prof. Massimo Montanari, Prof. Marco Gardini, Mrs Roseto Anna Maria, Ms Noemi Bertolini
  • Delegate for students with disabilities: Prof. Chiara Scivoletto
  • Delegate for entry guidance and tutoring: Prof. Marco Gardini
  • Delegate for outgoing orientation: Prof. Lucia Scaffardi
  • Contact person for the training courses of the in Law: Mrs. Maurizia Ghidini
  • Contact person for the Erasmus + Study Program (SMS): Prof.ssa Malaika Bianchi
  • Contact persons for the Erasmus + Internship Program (SMT): Prof. Francesca Trombetta Panigadi; Prof. Fabio Cassibba
  • Contact persons for the Overworld Program: Prof. Alberto Cadoppi; Prof. Fabio Cassibba, Prof. Francesco Mazzacuva
  • Contact persons for the Double Degree Program: Prof. Lucia Scaffardi; Prof. Fabio Cassibba
  • Manager for the quality of teaching activities of the Law Degree: Anna Maria Roseto

The Quality Assurance Manager monitors the correct performance of teaching activities and support services. For this reason, it is possible to make requests or report a problem on teaching activities or organization, addressing the Quality Assurance Manager of the degree course.

In order to write to the Quality Assurance Manager ⇒ fill out the FORM