The Single-Cycle degree in Law as a whole has been built, since its inception, to provide its graduates with the skills and competences needed for them to access the three traditional legal professions (i.e. barrister/attorney, magistrate or notary).


The Single-Cycle degree in Law offered by the University of Parma keeps its structure and action focused on more technical issues, avoiding the dilution of its knowledge along heterogeneous paths.

The graduates possess the knowledge needed to carry out the traditional legal professions, as well as to fruitfully attend the postgraduate paths needed to access these careers, such as, in particular, traineeships within the Italian judiciary or bar, or attend the Postgraduate School in Legal Professions.


The significant degree of specific study dedicated to international, EU and comparative law systems, as well as the existence of courses being carried out in English and the opportunity for the undergraduates and graduates to access several international exchange programs, including the Italian-Brazilian Double Degree Programme made available by this University, to foster research and learning abroad, allow graduates to gain the competencies needed for a career within international institutions and those private entities working with them, including the field of cooperation.

The international approach of the relevant curriculum and study plans, together with a focus on studying both micro-and macroeconomic disciplines, allow the graduates in Law at the University of Parma to pick a career in enterprises, including abroad. 

Furthermore, the graduates in Law at the University of Parma are fully qualified for Master’s Degrees and other such postgraduate higher learning courses, some of which are provided by the Department itself, in order to fulfil specialization paths focused on other professions as well, concerning companies, and/or the no-profit world.