Gruaduation dissertation / Final examination

For the achievement of the single-cycle Master's Degree in Law, it is necessary to prepare and present a thesis prepared in an original way under the guidance of a Supervisor, possibly also in the context of a study experience carried out abroad, in a discipline, in relation to which the Candidate has taken the relative exam.
By we mean the dissertation, which deals with a limited topic and which is accompanied by a critical review of the literature and jurisprudence on the subject. By, we mean the dissertation, which requires an accurate and exhaustive treatment, which expresses good ability to work independently and critical reflection.
In the elaboration and discussion of the thesis, the Graduating student fine-tunes and fully applies the knowledge acquired in the five-year period. He / she will have to demonstrate the ability to move independently in the research and analysis of sources, of a legislative, doctrinal, jurisprudential nature, in the in-depth understanding of the institutes, object of the research, and, if the thesis is, in the elaboration of original legal solutions. Finally, he will have to demonstrate that he knows how to discuss and argue his results with technical terminology and use of legal concepts, in an appropriate way.
The final exam is disciplined in the articles from 13 to 20 of (see attached pdf).