Studying abroad


Erasmus+ is the new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport for 2014-2020.

The programme allows students to undertake a period of study and / or traineeship abroad, (up to twelve months for each degree cycle; twenty-four months for the Single Cycle Degree in Law), while receiving a financial contribution for the related board and lodging expenses.

The Programme has two components:

1) Erasmus+ Study (Student Mobility for Studies-SMS-)

It allows students to complete abroad part of their studies. The mobility is carried out in the framework of agreements between the University of Parma and Universities of eligible countries. The Department gives full academic recognition for satisfactorily completed activities (classes, exams and research) during the mobility period as agreed in the Learning Agreement, by using ECTS credits.

The programme also allows students from partner universities to follow classes taught at the Department, to take the exams and to obtain full recognition of these activities by their home institutions.

2) Erasmus+ Placement gives students the opportunity to carry out a training internship in foreign companies or organizations.



OVERWORLD is a University program aimed at expanding opportunities for study and mobility towards non-European universities (or countries that are NOT eligible for Community exchange programs such as Erasmus Plus), having an active international collaboration protocol with the University of Parma.


Under the Double Degree program between PUCRS’ (Faculdade de Direito della Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul) Law School and the University of Parma, which was officiated in 2016, students will have the chance to work on their degree for one year at the Brasilian institution and vice versa. At the end, they will be awarded with two diplomas, one from each institution. The idea is to advance the internationalization of teaching, which will ensure that students can have an international experience, expand their horizons and learn about Law from an international perspective.


Double Degree protocol

Information on the Double Degree


The Department of Law is a member of IALS (International Association of Law Schools). IALS is a no-profit organization established in 2005 and based in the United States. The Association brings together  about a hundred law faculties all over the world. It aims at contributing to the enhancement of legal education, especially for students intending to pursue careers different from the traditional private legal practice (e.g.: positions in governmental, non-governmental, private and academic sectors). The Association also offers mobility opportunities to students and teachers of the member institutions.

Department of Law Politics and International Studies

The tutors for the support of internationalization perform activities aimed at supporting the internationalization of programs and projects for the entire Department of Law and Political and International Studies. The activity includes support for incoming and outgoing students during their mobility exchange.

Name and International tutoring hours