Training internships

The internship is a tool given to students in order to increase their working experience, both in public or private enterprises. Through this activity, students will be able to acquire a direct knowledge of a specific sector which could be accessed after the degree is obtained, together with first-hand experience and information which are essential for the future work-related choices of the students (Decreto del Ministero del Lavoro 25 marzo 1998, n. 142; Decreto del Ministero dell’Università e della ricerca scientifica e tecnologica 3 novembre 1999, n. 509, art. 10, lett. f).


If the student follows the rules set by the University, the internship will be rewarded with a reasonable amount of credits (CFUs), generally related to the number of internship hours spent by the student (as a rule of thumb, unless differently expressed by the Council of Department or the Council of the Law degree, 25 hours amount to 1 CFU). The University of Parma has signed a series of agreements with both public and private partners, in order to set out the different conditions and modalities of the internships.


The students, enrolled at the Law degree, who  intend to carry out the curricular internship, starting from the third year of enrolment, must choose, within their study plan, a final assessment consisting in their final thesis (15 CFUs), plus the curricular internship (6CFUs), for a total value of 21 CFUs. The activation of the internships is done through the Esse3 platform.

Students can choose between curricular internships, meaning the ones for which the University of Parma has already stipulated an agreement (a), or they can decide to do an internships different from those already established via previous University’s agreements.

In the first case (a), the student must access the Esse3 platform and choose amongst the ones proposed on-line, picking the one deemed to be of major interest. In the second case (b), the host organization, found directly by the student, will have to (1) register on the Esse3 platform a request for the activation of a Convention with the University, (2) propose the internship to the already “known student” and (3) design a Tutor within the host organization who will follow the Student throughout the internship. Then, the student will be able to accept this internship.

In both cases, the student identifies a Professor of his Course who will be nominated his/her academic tutor.  The designated Professor, after being briefed about the internship, will verify that the proposed internship is congruous with the Law Degree Course and will approve the internship on-line.

The competent administrative offices will then validate the internship as well.


At the end of the internship, the student concerned must transmit to the Academic Tutor (1) the final report describing the activities carried out during the internship, (2) together with the attendance sheet, certifying the hours of internship actually carried out, and (3) the final report prepared by the Tutor of the host organization. Considering the documentation provided, the University Tutor evaluates the activity carried out and, in case of positive evaluation, approves the internship, attributing 6 CFUs, which will be registered on-line as “final exam”. The final documentation is sent to the Didactic Secretariat directly by the student. The Council of the Law degree, in the first useful session, approves and communicates the successful conclusion of the internship to the Student Secretariat, which provides for the registration of the 6 CFUs on the Final Exam. If the internship has been totally completed, following the described on-line procedure on Esse3 platform, and if the activities have been recognized in full on-line on the Esse3 platform through recognition of the activity by the Academic Tutor, the internship will be considered positively concluded only after the automatic transmission of the document to the Student Secretariat for registration. The internship activities cannot be recognized if the student does not present the complete documentation, certifying the activity carried out, within six months from the end of the internship.





As regards to the online procedure for the activation of the curricular internships (6 CFUs) on the ESSE3 platform, students must indicate as Academic Tutor, necessary for the approval of the training project, one of the following Professors:

The Law degree course is one of the study courses for which the University of Parma has provided the on-line internship-management system. For more information visit the page ⇒ Tirocini Curriculari On-line